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Well, my mood is better from last time. I know I tend to fall back into depression, but thanks to the help of my boyfriend and the advise from my councilor, I'm able to fight it better. I guess I'm still a bit stuck on my feelings for myself, but at least I'm improving from the bottom up.

At the same time, between moving and the new take on adult responsibilities, it's helped me get a perspective on myself and where I am now compared to before. It's a bit hard because half the time I feel alone, or at least I feel isolated. But the fact is simply the opposite. I have friends now who I feel respect and understand me as much as I do them. I have a stable part time (soon to be two part time jobs) where I feel confident in and can ask questions that will be easily answered. I'm in an environment where I'm supported and cared for, and I can give the same. I'm in a good place.

So at the end of the day, the amount of attention my cosplays get or lack of really doesn't matter. And it's rather frivolous of me to worry about when I have so many other things I should focus on.

I am enough


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Nicole Blosser
United States
So you were browsing or looking, and found my profile page. Yay for you!

So I'm somebody who loves lolita fashion, and even though I love sewing and photography and everything lolita wise I'm actually going to college for graphic design. Why? Because there is a better variety on job opportunities. Yes I know that in the design world the jobs are specific and if you can do them really well depending where you go, you're almost surely to get a job.
Does this mean I'm giving up my dream of owning my own lolita shop and sewing in general? No.
I can still do things like tailoring, patch work, commisions, and so on. Am I saying I'm the absolute best and my skills are perfect and I don't need work? No. I know there's always room for improvement and I'm willing to keep learning. I won't quit sewing and I won't give up just because people want to shoot me down and tell me I can't. So if that's what you came here to do, save your breath.
I'm an artist.
Now before you go and say "Your art is terrible and in no way professional, therefore you are not an artist", maybe that's your definition of "artist". My term for it, whether you agree or not, is "somebody who can express their feelings and/or thoughts on paper, video, songs, poems, words, pictures, photos, colors, or in any other form of expression."

So to wrap things up, I'm someone who tries to express myself-despite people telling me I shouldn't because I'm not this or that, or thinking I'm a terrible person because I say things that can be interepreted into different meanings to different people, or just because I'm American, I can't do or draw or sew some of the things that I do-in ways that most people don't get or try to.

Anything else I'm missing? Oh yeah.
I'm a bad speller. It may (or may not) seem like it, but I am a terrible speller.
I make mistakes. I'm human, not perfect.
I'm pretty oblivious to things and situations.
I do try my best to smile and be kind, even when others don't.
I don't expect people to agree with me or even like me. However, I do expect to be treated how you'd like to be treated-with respect.
Just because this is an account on the internet, doesn't mean there isn't a person behind the computer. Remember this always, kay?

:star: I like doing art trades :star:

Current Residence: ~
Favourite genre of music: country, celtic, J-Pop
Favourite artists: Lillyxandra and Indigo!
Favourite style of art: Japanese Animation, realistic sketches
MP3 player of choice: My ipod :D
Personal Quote: Not everyone can see all beauty. Apologize for your mistakes it shows you're willing to fix it.

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